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mycareerpath is the Energy Institute’s free online professional development tool. It allows you to plan, record and review your progress against your goals.

Professional Membership and Registration

It may be that you are looking to improve your job prospects, get energy specific credentials, or simply looking for recognition of your skills and experience. Whatever the reason, mycareerpath can help you to track your developing knowledge and experience against the competences required, allowing you to identify areas to focus on and helping you to decide when you are ready to apply.

Recording your CPD

You can also use mycareerpath as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) recording tool, allowing you to plan, record and share your ongoing development and competence.

How to get started

If you are a new or existing user, you can register or login below:

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mycareerpath guidance and resources

For more information about how to use mycareerpath, please download our guidance document:

Download the mycareerpath guide

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