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This award is to celebrate projects that have implemented strategies and technologies that improve lives by opening up access to energy.

Even though energy is now benefiting the lives of more people around the world than ever, 800 million human beings still have no access to electricity and 3 billion are still cooking using dirty, dangerous cooking fuels, leading to severe bronchial illness and around 4 million premature deaths each year. Ensuring affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all is central to the UN Sustainability Goals and will require more sustained efforts. This award is for projects that have brought energy to places in the world that are most in need, improving lives and life chances in the process. The award will also consider projects in developed countries that have tackled persistent issues of energy poverty within particular geographical areas or demographic groups.

The judging panel will be looking for:

  • Proven benefit of the project to the community it serves
  • Scope for sustaining benefits in the longer term or extending the project

Successful projects will be able to prove a unique and unprecedented energy-related benefit for a community. The project or initiative should be of a ground-breaking nature. You must be able to validate the success of your project with proven results.

For this category, the judging panel are looking for the industry's champion, those are individuals who fit the following criteria:

  • Commitment to fostering professionalism in their own work and among colleagues
  • Promoting knowledge, improving skills or developing and applying good practice in their work place or the broader energy industry
  • Commitment to raising industry standards, enhancing its image and championing the contribution the energy industry makes to society
  • Commitment to the industry and its future
  • Championing the industry among the younger generation

Entrants should provide evidence of how their work and achievements meet as many of these criteria as possible.

Effective energy management is crucial to ensure the efficient use of energy in a domestic, commercial or industrial setting, and investments in energy management produces a wide range of benefits, including reducing your organisation’s costs and cutting greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to improving energy security.

This award recognises individuals or organisations that have effectively deployed practices to improve their energy efficiency performance through the design and implementation of materials, systems, software and supply chains; and / or which have been able to reduce their carbon emissions and energy waste. Entries from commercial organisations are welcome, in addition to local authority, healthcare and housing trust’s entries.

For the Energy Management Award, the judging panel will be looking for:

  • Clearly defined strategy for reducing energy use and measuring performance
  • Realisation of reduction targets and a demonstrable benefit to business operations
  • Management commitment
  • Employee engagement

You must be able to validate the success of your project with proven results.

It is increasingly important for the energy industry to reduce its impact on the environment and give back to the planet. For this award the judges are looking for schemes and projects that enhance and protect the environment. Entrants should demonstrate a responsible and ethical commitment to managing the risks of energy to the environment.

The judging panel will be looking for:

  • Demonstrable benefit to the environment
  • Management commitment
  • Good prospects for wider application

You must be able to validate the success of your project with proven results.

The energy industry could not operate without proper regard to health and safety and standards for safe practice are robust and subject to continuous review and refinement.

For this award the judges are looking for projects which have demonstrated best practice in safety as well as in areas such as occupational health, mental health, performance, productivity, hygiene and resilience through change. We are looking to acknowledge teams, individuals and projects that take a unique approach to health and safety and demonstrate the potential to have an impact on the industry's overall health and safety record.

The judging panel will be looking for:

  • Health and safety initiatives or innovations with potential for industry-wide benefit
  • Management commitment
  • Effective communication and implementation
  • Demonstrable difference from before to after application

You must be able to validate the success of your project with proven results.

Technology in all its forms is an essential and exciting aspect of the energy industry, a frontier where new and better solutions are constantly being devised. The role of digital technologies and data in particular are taking the industry into the ‘4th revolution’. This award will recognise the year’s best innovative technological development or implementation of an existing technology with the power to become a gamechanger or disrupter in the industry.

The judging panel will be looking for:

  • Identification of the technological innovation which represents a major advance or development
  • Commercially viable technology that is ready for market and for wider adoption and application
  • Inventive new technology or innovative implementation of existing technology
  • Clear demonstration of the benefits of the innovation over existing methods

You must be able to validate the success of your project with proven results.

This award is to recognise schemes and projects that have made significant progress in reducing carbon emissions to help reach net-zero by or before 2050. Entrants should demonstrate a responsible and ethical commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of the industry either through the reduction of emissions or through storage of carbon.

The judging panel will be looking for:

  • How the project fits in to a transition pathway for meeting net zero by 2050
  • Demonstration of how carbon emissions were reduced or that carbon has been stored in the geosphere or biosphere

You must be able to validate the success of your project with proven results.

Effective public engagement is very often the key determinant of the success or failure of any initiative. This award will recognise the year’s best group or individual contribution to raising public awareness across the energy industry, covering internal and external communications with such stakeholders as customers, regulators, employees, shareholders etc.

The award recognises innovative campaigning techniques in the form of social media, reports, journalism, digital campaigns etc., that have contributed to improved understanding and knowledge of industry-wide energy issues.

The judging panel will be looking for:

  • Identification of the issue(s) to be communicated, and the need for the initiative
  • Clarity of planned aims and objectives
  • Deliverability of the initiative
  • Effectiveness of the public engagement programme

You must be able to validate the success of your project with proven results.

The energy industry needs people with the talent, the drive and the passion to help us tackle climate change and meet the needs of the world’s growing population. This award recognises work undertaken to bring new talent into the industry, as well as the provision of continuing professional development schemes for current workforces. It will look for in-house schemes that nurture talent and foster inclusion, the use of innovative learning solutions and collaborations between industry, industry bodies, academia and other partners. Particular emphasis is placed on the requirement for entries to contribute to making the energy sector more diverse, inclusive and reflective of the society it serves.

The judging panel will be looking for:

  • Schemes that promote diversity and inclusion
  • Innovative use of partners and technologies
  • Deliverability of the initiative
  • Clear metrics and results

You must be able to validate the success of your project with proven results.

The EI's Young Professionals Network is delighted to welcome entries for the sixth EI Young Energy Professional of the Year award. Young professionals are the next generation of energy leaders and we want to celebrate your contribution to the industry and reward your innovation, drive to deliver and passion of the younger generation of energy talent. Applications from those with less than five years in the industry are welcome.

The judging panel will be looking for:

  • Career Experience statement:
    In 250-500 words, describe a project from your career, either in your professional career or through working with the local community, where you have either led the activity (as a project manager) or made a significant contribution towards its delivery (as a key team member)
  • Industry Outlook statement:
    In 250-500 words, please share your views on the outlook for the energy industry by answering the following question:
    "What is the single biggest challenge facing the energy industry in the next 20 years?"
    The judging panel will be looking for you to demonstrate your views and feelings about an industry issue, including how you would like to see them addressed and how your future work might contribute towards finding a solution for this challenge.
  • CV
  • Endorsement:
    Please provide a written endorsement of up to 200 words from your employer, client or supervisor. This should include their signature and contact details for verification purposes.

2020 Shortlisters

Access to Energy

Electrification of informal settlements in South Africa utilising solar DC microgrids offering a pay-as-you-go energy service

DC Go is a commercial entity providing necessary services to the people contributing to Africa's prosperity; a responsible investment opportunity that creates long-term, sustainable value. Commercial sustainability is key and allows DC Go's off-grid electrification to contribute to 9 of the 17 UN's Sustainable Development Goals to transform Africa.

Transforming rural lives through mini-grids in South Asia
De Montfort University

The main aim of the project was to understand the viability of mini-grids as an electricity delivery option in developing countries, to address the challenge of electricity access. The project has identified the necessary conditions and offered policy guidance to support mini-grid development in the developing world.

Philippines smart solar network project
InfraCo Asia

The Philippines Smart Solar Network project is built for and in partnership with local communities. The pilot demonstrates an affordable and commercially viable rural electrification model that can provide new and improved clean energy access to 200,000 off-grid, low-income households with 35MWp in aggregate clean power generation capacity.

Energy Leader

Hassen Bali, ion Ventures

Hassen is acutely aware of the importance of articulating the work he and colleagues do, succinctly and respectfully within the context of the energy transition, since this can be interpreted as a disruptive sector, challenging the status quo. Maintaining and fostering professionalism is essential, particularly in Southeast Asia, where he focusses a significant proportion of time. This extends to coaching colleagues in approaches that enhance professionalism, whilst retaining individual personality.

Andrew Crossland, Infratec

Andrew works with people from all parts of the industry - engineering, media, commercial, legal, regulatory, advocacy, customers. This draws on skills from his PhD/CEng. To work in a diverse way and bring ideas together, requires a commitment to professionalism and integrity. He accepts challenges to his work and communicates effectively with others to drive change.

Jeffrey Hardy, Imperial College London and Laura Sandys, Challenging Ideas

Jeff and Laura have combined professionalism with creativity, bringing professional ideas from other sectors to support the energy sector through its critical decarbonisation transition. Through their reports, outreach, engagement and events, they have aimed to communicate and embed new ways of thinking to address the challenges in the energy sector. Their dedication to challenging norms and supporting long standing professionals to consider new ways of envisioning energy has developed a growing community of advocates for reform.

Ujunwa Ojemeni, AWEDI Network

Ujunwa has over 6 years' experience in the energy sector. In 2019 she founded the Africa Women in Energy Initiative (AWEDI), the first organization focused on developing women across the energy value chain by offering networking opportunities, professional development, mentorship, career sponsorship (acceleration), capacity building, leadership training for women at all stages of their energy careers and for female students at the secondary and tertiary levels. This was borne of the passion to promote professionalism among women in the energy sector who seem to find it hard to rise to the peak of their careers.

Energy Management

DEWA energy management system - head office
Dubai Electricty & Water Authority (DEWA)

DEWA implemented an Energy Management System aligned with the ISO50001 Standard for its head office, as a flagship project to monitor its energy consumption and identify and implement energy conservation measures.The system resulted in improved energy performance, top management commitment, employee awareness, more indicative metrics, clearer objectives, targets and KPIs, and robust monitoring/verification processes.

The Midas green initiative: a manufacturer’s drive to become process carbon neutral
Midas Pattern Company

With 30 years in business, manufacturing polyurethane mouldings for high tech and science lead customers, 2019 saw the dawn of a new era at Midas. The inception of the Midas Green Initiative became the driving force for change, the energy behind achieving process carbon neutrality in less than 18 months.

Power points energy competition
Nottingham City Council

NCC's behaviour change programme in leisure centres, Power Points, aims to drive down electricity consumption and improve staff comfort conditions by increasing energy visibility through an incentivised contest. Overall electricity consumption has considerably decreased following its implementation, with the latest competition round saving an average of 5%. Meanwhile, strong employee engagement and relationships have been developed which can be built upon in years to come.

Shell Tilburg energy efficient site

Shell aspires to be a leader in sustainability.  Last year, Shell opened its first energy efficient service station in the Netherlands - using a variety of innovative solutions. Through detailed analysis on comparable projects and working with partners, we reduced energy usage by nearly 25%. In addition, 30% of energy generated on site was from solar panels.


Produced water desalination: pilot test of new VCC technology
Saudi Aramco

The trial test demonstrated that produced water can be treated to produce a low salinity water which can be re-used for crude oil washing and other oil production related operations. Considering a typical 2% wash-water to oil ratio used through-out Aramco and other production facilities around the world, this testing results opens the possibility of conserving significant amount of water which will be available for other non-industrial applications and frees up crucial water resources for use elsewhere.

An eco-friendly, low carbon footprint, zero liquid discharge (ZLD) water management solution
Saudi Aramco

This project involves the development of an eco-friendly, low carbon footprint, zero liquid discharge (ZLD) water management solution using both seawater and oil field produced water to generate desired injection water for water flooding processes. A win-win project; a win for the environment by minimizing waste water disposal, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and a win for additional oil recovery due to the reinjection of produced water.

Realising sustained reductions of methane emissions with The Sniffers’ Methane Accounting Program
The Sniffers

Our Methane Accounting Program helps customers with minimizing methane emissions through identifying, quantifying and defining improvement actions. The program delivers up to 70% reduction of methane emissions in one year. It supports them with realizing the demand for energy while taking care of the environment with eliminating methane emissions.

Health and Safety

START Safely
Force Four

The main aims were to incept a step-change in Safety Culture and Behaviour and re-orientate a workforce to build a class-leading energy production business. The impacts were far reaching including increased employee satisfaction, engagement, teamwork and communication with employee opinion surveys showing an average of 20% increases in these areas. The business has also established a '˜Continuous Learning' culture on the back of its successes with START Safely training and CMI training.

Organisational safety culture transformation project
NDT Global

The main aim was to transform the safety culture and focus across our global business.
Benefits include:
- Active involvement and input from leadership on safety
- Positive safety culture where employees and managers work collaboratively on safety issues
- 1,000,000 working hours without a recordable injury

Job by design

Job by Design (JBD) is a concept to consistently drive predictable outcomes in a multi-dimensional and complex work environment. Human Performance principles teach us that human beings will fail and the JBD approach ensures that when the inevitable occurs, failing safely is the outcome by design, not by luck. Failures will occur but with JBD in place, we have proven we can create a work environment that is resilient. Since JBD was first introduced in 2018, recordables have reduced year-on-year despite similar levels of exposure hours.

Innovative Technology

Mud fork: a new viscosity/density sensing platform for automated drilling
Aramco Americas (Aramco Research Houston)

The Mud Fork viscometer is a fully automated system capable of continuous in-tank monitoring of viscosity and density of drilling muds. The system is portable, robust, and inexpensive enough to be deployed at different points of the mud circulation system. The combination of these features make it a unique technology not available before in the industry.

Aerial asset inspection solution

To reduce risk, increase safety, improve asset performance and deliver better service to consumers, electricity distribution network UK Power Networks collaborated with global knowledge enterprise Enzen to make innovative use of drone technology in underground asset inspections. After a successful trial, UK Power Networks are now considering rolling-out Enzen's solution across its network.

CodeWorks - digital meets energy regulations - shape a greener future

Through rolling out digital ways of working and technologies, Gemserv wants to enable the market to simplify codes and compliance procedures. The associated cost savings, far greater engagement from smaller parties, and involvement from innovative parties looking to lead us to a lower carbon future are only part of the benefit.  The main benefit is that with better regulation a lower carbon future can be more certain.

IES intelligent communities lifecycle (ICL)

The Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL) is the first digital twin technology suite for the built environment which puts sustainability and environmental analysis at its heart. It provides decision-makers with the information required to make intelligent choices, identifying the most effective, resource-efficient ways to dramatically reduce energy and fossil fuel consumption.

Drilling microchip: a gateway to the downhole digital world
Saudi Aramco

Aiming at a cost effective downhole dynamic logging, Saudi Aramco has invested into three generations of Microchip technology with the goal of improving its performance and reliability Until now, Microchip has been significantly advanced into a routinely deployable part of the drilling engineering toolbox for both diagnostic and opportunities for critical well construction tasks.

TASS - transformer auto stop start

Transformer Auto Stop Start (TASS) technology is a novel technique for improving the efficiency of electricity networks which challenges conventional expectations.  Where transformers operate in parallel, the key principal of TASS is to switch off one transformer at times of low demand - akin to turning off a car engine when the vehicle isn't driving anywhere.


Vestemi's goal is to quickly optimise energy efficiency within the home in order to reduce CO2 emissions from heating whilst saving people money.  We believe this can only be achieved through simple to install, easy to use technology, which removes all points of friction.  As such, we have focused our design and development efforts to make energy efficiency easier, more affordable, and more accessible to householders, installers, and landlords.

Low Carbon

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum solar park
Dubai Electricty & Water Authority (DEWA)

The project is the largest single-site solar park in the world with planned capacity of 5,000MW by 2030 and will reduce over 6.5 million tons of carbon emissions annually. The current capacity commissioned is 1013 MW, which benefited to 290,500 residences and the total reduction of carbon emissions is around 1,229,000 tons annually. In addition to that The Solar Park include Research & Development center and Innovation Centre, equipped with the latest advanced renewable energy technologies and the research.

Grid connected small-Scale photovoltaic systems
Egypt-PV Project, Industrial Modernization Center

From the beginning, Egypt-PV team was determined to tackle challenges and provide solutions in a cross-sectoral approach. That means developing an enhanced supply chain within the market considering different sectors such as industrial, educational, tourism, commercial, public and residential. 

Nottingham carbon neutral 2028 plan
Nottingham City Council

NCC is an ambitious, forward-thinking authority aiming for Nottingham to become the UK's first carbon neutral city by 2028. Building on Nottingham's 41% emissions reduction since 2005, the 2028 strategy is consulting more widely than ever before, co-creating a shared vision with citizens and businesses which priorities improved wellbeing and clean growth on the road to decarbonisation.

Low Carbon Active Buildings
SPECIFIC at Swansea University

SPECIFIC is an Innovation and Knowledge Centre led by Swansea University, developing a new concept for buildings of the future 'Active Buildings' - that use solar energy to generate both heat and electricity from the building envelope and combine storage and smart controls for optimum use.

Public Engagement

Young women energised by the Women’s Energy Network
The Women’s Energy Network Houston

YWE is an outreach program fuelled entirely by volunteers from the Women's Energy Network. Together we fundraise for scholarships awarded to high school girls pursuing STEM educations. We also host an annual event that empowers young women, showing the opportunities and benefits of pursuing an energy career.

Hinkley connection project - positive futures
National Grid

At National Grid, we're committed to protecting the environment, improving quality of life for local communities and building a positive legacy. The 'Hinkley Connection Project' (HCP) is primarily a new, low-carbon power connection for UK homes and businesses, but it's also a community engagement programme.

Portraits from the precipice (PftP) - a world-wide art movement to save the planet
Octopus Energy

Taking action to combat climate change and its devastating impacts, Portraits from the Precipice raised public awareness by inspiring, educating and encouraging people to act NOW to save the planet through the largest DOOH art exhibition ever!  And with outstanding engagement also came massive impact: 37,000 new households switched to Octopus Energy!

Talent, Development, and Learning

European Energy Centre (EEC)

Filling the renewable energy skills gap experienced by the green energy industry by providing training on the latest technology, creating the workforce required for the sector to succeed. We have created or re-trained up to 5000 professionals each year, testimonials and case studies are proof of this success: https://www.euenergycentre.org/testimonials/

The lights on women initiative
Florence School of Regulation, European University Institute

To address barriers women face in the energy field and ensure they gain recognition and equality of opportunity, we have built a digital platform, integrated into a world-renowned Energy Knowledge Hub, and a global community of female experts. Every day, we strive to seek out, create and share opportunities for women in energy and have done so by collaborating with them to co-create 35 articles, 25 interviews and 28 scholarships for high-level technical online training courses.

The national grid reverse mentoring scheme
National Grid

The main aim of the programme is to build senior leaders understanding, awareness and connection with diverse individuals across the organisation. This allows them to test their thinking, broaden their horizons and recognise the reality of the challenges faced by diverse individuals at more junior levels in National Grid. It also provides a voice to our diverse colleagues.

Driller Development Program (DDP)
Touchstone Leadership

The aim of the course is to subject the cadre of Seadrill Drillers and Assistant Drillers to emergency procedures in an immersive simulation environment, akin to the methods adopted by the aviation industry, in order to train and assess the Candidates' CRM skills' in an emergency situation.

Young Energy Professional of the Year

Khawlah Alanqari, Saudi Aramco

I highly recommend Mrs. Khawlah Alanqari for this award for her remarkable contributions not only to her division, but also to the company and the industry. As well as for her leading capabilities, and fast adaptation in work environment.

Abdulaziz Al-Qasim, Saudi Aramco

Dr. Al-Qasim is an exceptional professional and leader in the field of Reservoir Engineering and management. He is the champion of the kingdom's 1st Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS) pilot and a pioneer in upstream innovation and invention.

Jason Blanchard, Isoenergy

Jason joined CfR as a graduate renewable energy engineer and tirelessly contributed to a key development phase for the business. He has helped set up CfR's community energy asset management service which grew to manage 50MWp of community solar across 7 localities.

Carol Choi, UK Power Networks

Carol's abundant energy and enthusiasm won me over from her very first day. Some might found the task daunting - being a first timer in the electrical industry and having only been in the UK for around a year from Canada, but time and again she's brought a fresh, innovative perspective. It's been a pleasure to see her go beyond the ordinary to create real value for our customers.

Charlotte Hartley, Pale Blue Dot Energy

Charlotte joined the business in 2015 after graduating from Dundee University.  Our graduate selection process values clear communication and interpersonal skills.  When combined with self-motivation, strong academic performance and a business culture which encourages personal growth then remarkable contributions can be delivered.  Charlottes journey so far with us is evidence of this.

View the 2019 Award Winners

Showcasing excellence in energy

The EI Awards have been running for 21 years, designed to celebrate and showcase the vast accomplishments in the energy sector, an industry vital to society. Winning an EI Award provides a prime opportunity to have your achievements officially recognised by a senior panel of energy experts and the wider industry.

2019 Awards host: Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE,
Head Stemette and Co-Founder of Stemettes

Computer scientist and mathematician Anne-Marie Imafidon works to inspire women to study and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths. She also comments on technology, the changing nature of work, and the challenges both present to business and society.

A child prodigy, aged 11 Anne-Marie passed her first two GCSEs and at 13 she was the recipient of a scholarship to the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. She then went to Oxford, starting her master’s in mathematics and computer science at 17 and becoming one of the university’s youngest ever master’s graduates.

Anne-Marie worked for Goldman Sachs, Hewlett-Packard, and Deutsche Bank in business analysis, enterprise collaboration and technology (and was cited as one of the leading figures in IT along the way). She then founded, and continues to lead, Stemettes, a social enterprise dedicated to bringing girls and young women to STEM subjects. Stemettes has helped tens of thousands of schoolgirls go on to higher levels of study in STEM.

A regular commentator in the media on opening up and diversifying access to STEM education, Anne-Marie is also the co-founder of Outbox, a pioneering incubator dedicated to businesses started by teenage girls. Elsewhere, Anne-Marie has also worked with companies including the BBC and 20th Century Fox to include more tech role models on screen, and has served as a board member on the Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s Digital Skills Partnership.

EI Awards media partners

Energy World
Petroleum Review

EI Awards judging panel

Entries for the EI Awards are peer-reviewed by an independent panel of respected industry experts.

Stephen Burgin FEI

Chair of the EI Awards judging panel

Stephen Burgin FEI, Director, Offshore Wind Growth Partnership

Steve, an engineer, has worked in the world of energy for over 30 years and has held a number of executive and high level management roles in major international engineering companies. Most recently, Steve led the commercial activities of GE Power in Europe, supplying power plants and transmission systems, and was previously the UK Country President for the Alstom Group supplying projects and equipment for electricity generation, transmission and distribution, and rail transportation.

Liz Warren

Access to Energy

Liz Warren, Director, SE2

Liz is a Director and Co-Founder of SE2, which helps individuals, communities and organisations build their capacity to respond to climate change. She has supported cities and municipalities in developing their Climate Emergency Action Plans, including detailed work supporting stakeholder and community engagement on heat networks, energy efficiency, carbon reduction in schools and tackling fuel poverty. She has conducted research and product development within the commercial sector, focusing on the opportunities for citywide interventions in commercial property and on how digitalisation and smart energy systems can support decarbonisation. Liz is a Director of Frome Renewable Energy Co-op, a Trustee of sustainability education charity SE-ED and an individual member of the Association for Decentralised Energy.

Dr Joanne Wade OBE FEI

Energy Leader

Dr Joanne Wade OBE FEI, Deputy Director, The Association for Decentralised Energy

Dr Joanne Wade is a sustainable energy expert with 30 years’ experience in energy efficiency and community energy. She is the Deputy Director of the Association of Decentralised Energy (ADE), a Trustee of the Energy Institute (EI) and Chair of the EI’s Energy Advisory Panel. Her work is currently focused on buildings energy efficiency policy and practice.

Lucy Hayes

Energy Management

Lucy Hayes, Principal Energy Professional, Jacobs

Lucy is a Principal Energy Professional in the Carbon and Energy team at Jacobs. She has worked on a variety of infrastructure projects, aiming to quantify and reduce the carbon emissions and energy consumption in both the construction and operation phases. She is a Chartered Energy Manager and ESOS Lead Assessor and has completed energy management programmes for various clients including a multinational telecommunications company and a leading UK supermarket chain. She has also worked with Government departments, auditing energy accreditation schemes and undertaking ESOS compliance audits.

Michelle Horsfield CEnv MEI


Michelle Horsfield CEnv MEI, Director, Sustainability Consulting

Michelle is an Environmental Scientist by background with 20 years experience managing environmental issues in the energy sector. She is respected for her pragmatic approach and previously chaired the EI’s Upstream Environmental Group. Michelle worked in corporate strategy at BP, where her passion for addressing climate change whilst delivering energy was a key focus. Her background in sustainable development ties in with fostering a complete understanding of the environmental trade-offs made at each stage of the energy production cycle. She is a Chartered Environmentalist and a Member of EI.

Ashley Hynds

Health and Safety

Ashley Hynds, HM Principal Inspector of Health and Safety – Offshore Process Engineering, Health & Safety Executive

Ashley is a chemical engineer by training, and worked in process plant design and operations for ICI and INEOS for 18 years. He is currently Principal Inspector of Process Engineering for the UK offshore oil and gas sector, within the Health & Safety Executive. A key focus of his role is ensuring that operators have effective systems in place to prevent major losses of hydrocarbon containment, such as occurred at Piper Alpha. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, and a registered Professional Process Safety Engineer.

Professor John Loughhead OBE CB

Innovative Technologies

Professor John Loughhead OBE CB, Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

John’s professional career has been predominantly in industrial research and development for the electronics and electrical power industries, including advanced, high power industrial gas turbines, new energy conversion systems, spacecraft thermal management, electrical and materials development for electricity generation and transmission equipment, and electronic control systems. He has extensive international experience in both industry and academia.

Dr Pratima Rangarajan

Low Carbon

Dr Pratima Rangarajan, CEO, OGCI Climate Investments

Dr Pratima Rangarajan is the CEO of OGCI Climate Investments, a fund set up to reduce carbon emissions in the energy, industrial and transportation sectors. Before joining OGCI Climate Investments, Pratima was the General Manage for GE’s Onshore Wind product Line and the General Manager for GE’s Energy Storage start up. She had previously held the role of Deputy Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Emerging Technology and Research at Vestas Wind Systems. Pratima has a PhD in chemical engineering from Princeton University and a BS in Chemical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

John Moylan

Public Engagement

John Moylan, Director, Stonehaven and former BBC Industry & Employment Correspondent

John Moylan led the BBC’s coverage of energy, reporting for national TV & Radio News Bulletins from nuclear power plants, wind farms, fracking sites and from offshore in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. As the BBC’s Industry & Employment Correspondent, he also covered major stories including the steel industry crisis, the VW diesel scandal, industrial relations and the gig economy. John’s 20 year BBC career spanned “Tomorrow’s World”, the dot com boom, the financial crisis and a spell in Brussels as Europe Business Reporter covering the EU institutions and WTO trade talks. John is now a director with the strategy and reputation consultancy Stonehaven.

Dr. Ibilola Amao FEI

Talent, Development and Learning

Dr. Ibilola Amao FEI, Principal Consultant, Lonadek Global Services, STEM Specialist & Entrepreneur

Dr. Ibilola Amao is the Principal Consultant of Lonadek Global Services, a trustee of the Energy Institute, Member of the IP Week Board and a member of the panel of Judges for Royal Academy of Engineering UK Africa Prize. She has over 30 years’ experience in deploying Engineering Technology and Innovations Solutions through Lonadek and their partnerships. Lonadek has trained over 15,000 Engineers since 1991 and empowered over 98,000 STEM talent since 2006.

Cheryl Hiles FEI

Young Energy Professional of the Year

Cheryl Hiles FEI, Sector Director of Energy and Environment, Pell Frischmann Consultants

Cheryl’s specialities include transitioning to a smart, sustainable energy system; energy strategy, social enterprise, business development, business planning, sustainable energy policy, advocacy, spatial planning, government liaison, change management, team management & building. Cheryl chairs the Entrepreneurial Women in Renewable Energy network, established by Regen to support the renewable energy sector to harness talent from across the sector.

Sponsorship opportunities

Recognising achievement, sustainability and innovation

For 21 years the EI Awards celebrated the most outstanding people, products and initiatives from across the global energy sector. The awards attract entries from businesses which make the industry safer, cleaner and more sustainable, and which champion new initiatives in energy to make a real difference to society. The EI Awards is recognised as the energy industry’s most important competition. Showcasing the most ground-breaking work in the energy sector. It provides a platform for the industry to celebrate those businesses and individuals who innovate, communicate and drive up the standards of professionalism within the sector. Aligning your company and brand with this prestigious competition will allow you to share your core values with the industry and to gain recognition for your excellence and leadership. For more information please contact sponsorship@energyinst.org.

What do our sponsors say?

“Shell’s ambition in its sponsorship of [the Safety] Award is to trigger continuous improvement for our industry. We want to encourage unrelenting commitment, unhindered sharing of good practice and deep cross-industry learning to make sure that we travel the road to safety excellence together and that we all return home safely to our loved ones.”

Robin Bryden, Group Behavioural HSSE Manager, Shell

Advertising, Branding and Marketing

* Benefit from a marketing campaign including online, email and print
* Target the Energy Institute's 20,000 individual members and 200 company members
* Increase your outbound reach to an extra 15,000 energy professionals, the EI's wider energy network
* Demonstrate your support for the industry and its people
* Position your company among exclusive premier industry names, present and past sponsors

EI Awards judging process

* Participate in the EI Awards judging process and help select the winners
* 2 judging panels: Preliminary judging and final panel
* Demonstrate leadership and network with the other judges who form the exclusive panel

EI Awards ceremony

* Network with senior decision makers from the energy industry, government and academia
* Invitation for 2 or 3 key influencers as VIP Guests
* Present your Award category winner with their trophy