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EI Awards

Submissions are now closed - the shortlist will be announced soon.

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The awards ceremony will take place on 7 November at the Sheraton Grand, Park Lane, London.

Tickets are now on sale for £180 + VAT. Save £20 per ticket by booking a table for 10 to 12 guests at £160 + VAT per ticket!

Please note that shortlisters may still be moved to another category by the judges

Community Initiative

Islington Community Energy Fund
London Borough of Islington

The Islington Community Energy Fund (ICEF) was launched in 2017 by Islington Council.  It has the following aims:

*Support residents to reduce their energy use and move to cleaner energy
*Support community groups to develop innovative energy projects to benefit local residents
*Reduce fuel poverty in Islington.

Octopus Energy: True Leicester Local
Octopus Energy

Thanks to our unique collaborative relationship with Leicester, who recognised the positive impact we could have on the city, to date we’ve created 100+ new jobs, provided a graduate route for local universities, reduced energy prices, launched a bespoke business tariff, supported charities, educated young people in sustainability, and more.

Social sustainability - making life better for our community
South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust

To increase the social sustainability standing of the Health Trust, this project aimed to improve the wider lives & environment of our staff beyond work, our patients, all age groups in our children’s homes and fostered children under our care. To improve life’s opportunities under the auspices of energy management.

All Island Primary Schools Familiarization

To introduce Shetland’s primary school children to the Shetland Gas Plant and to provide a basic knowledge of the oil & gas industry on their doorstep, and the variety of vital, interesting and exciting jobs available to them at the site.

UK Power Networks

energywise is a flagship research project to address the needs of people in fuel poverty and ensure people living in social housing developments can access the energy saving and economic benefits of the national smart meter roll-out, by engaging both with fuel poor customers and the public sector bodies supporting them.

Mba In Sustainable Energy Management
Uwi Arthur Lok Jack Global School Of Business

To develop a cadre of graduants that would successfully contribute to the success of energy projects locally and internationally. So far the programme has produced 120 graduants who serve as ambassadors in promoting the Energy Management agenda. The school has emerged as the hub for Energy management training in the Caribbean and Latin American region.

Award sponsor:

Energy Champion

Michael Abbott, CEO , BIU Limited

Michael has; pioneered work within renewable energy generation; committed to supporting the development of young talent; launched a BiU staff values program; supported an energy efficiency and reduction service; and championed BiU’s independent energy advice hub and seminars – all to help grow and shape the energy sector the responsible way.

Charlotte Adams, Assistant Professor (Research), Department of Earth Sciences, Durham University

Charlotte Adams’ outstanding work bridges the gaps between academia, industry and society and promotes Geothermal energy options in the UK. She was co-founder of BritGeothermal and her work on the potential to use water from abandoned mines to heat UK homes has led to a debate in Parliament led by Helen Goodman MP.

Randolph Brazier, Head of Innovation, Energy Networks Association

Randolph is passionate about the clean energy transition and the associated smart, digital solutions that will deliver it. He is responsible for working with the UK Government, EU Working Groups and energy industry stakeholders to ensure networks help deliver the transition to a smarter, decarbonised energy system.

Sarah Jolliffe AMEI, Energy Manager, BAM Nuttall

Sarah is an energy champion due to the continued efforts to lead the civil engineering sector on energy and carbon related affairs. Sarah is keen to explore all means necessary to engage with people and change behaviours.

Dr. Abeer Olayan, Senior Research Scientist, Aramco

Diversity is a critical call to action industrywide and Abeer is an energy champion and an inspiration to all women. She is an innovator and developer of synthetic and smart materials that mitigate drilling challenges, reduce cost and enhance operational efficiency.  Through her scientific breakthroughs she is leading the way.

Abdulrahman Khaled Hasan Saeed, Student Society President of Energy Institute, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

As first president of EI Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, the nominee founded the club with the intention to contribute to a sustainable future relying on renewable energy. With 72 committee members in 5 months, the nominee organised more than 10 events and workshops, which were conducted by PETRONAS head of advisory.

Award sponsor:

Energy Management

From Energy Management to Energy Strategy - 15 Years of Energy Management at Dublin City University
Dublin City University

The key features and aims of the very succesful DCU Energy Management System (DCU EnMS) are the combination of a structured, motivated, strategic and innovative utilities management plan.  It combines the crucial operational elements needed to manage energy on a daily basis, whilst ensuring the strategic side focuses on conserving carbon emissions into the future.

Understanding Our Consumption

Marston's main aim was to actually understand the utility consumption at our Burton Brewery, then to analyse & make conscious/pro-active steps to reduce our consumption. The approach taken was to reduce our carbon footprint & produce a unit of beer as efficiently as possible without compromising quality.

Green Parliament of Pakistan
National Assembly of Pakistan

Documentation of significant usage of energy to identify the energy losses and to take strategic technical and management measures to increase the equipment efficiency. This was achieved by revamping and retrofit solution to cut energy demand by 50% and shifting the remaining load on renewable energy. This helped to curtail more than one half of overall energy usage by giving an equivalent saving of $0.80 million per annum besides a saving of capital investment of $10.02 million and improving the environmental performance.

Energy Efficiency Strategies Totto
Totto - Nalsani S.A.S

Diagnose and measure in real time the energy consumption of the stores, buildings and distribution centers from TOTTO to establish energy saving goals and strategies. With the implementation of the project the production of 506.072 KGCO2 has been avoided. Energy savings represent 25% of total energy consumption equal to 2.54GWh/year.

Transport for London Head Office Energy Management
Transport for London

Manage Transport for London (TfL) Head Office buildings to minimise energy consumption, meeting Mayoral carbon emissions & air quality targets that are more stringent than central Government targets, while maintaining Carbon Trust Standard external accreditation and TfL staff comfort and productivity to ensure we keep London moving.

Integrated Energy Management Programme
United Utilities

United Utilities have implemented an integrated energy management programme focused on people, systems and technology.  Key outcomes include delivering a 6% (£3m) energy saving in our Wastewater business; delivery of company-wide Energy Performance Reporting System, establishing our Energy Standard and having dedicated “energy engineers” in our operational teams.  This integrated approach is delivering a continuous improvement culture and benefits.

Award sponsor:


Gatwick Airport Station Upgrade

The Gatwick Station Upgrade is a £120M project to transform the station and enhance passenger experience. The improvements include doubling the concourse and additional escalators and lifts to decongest and improve access to platforms, providing a more integrated concourse that offers intuitive connections with airport terminals and onward travel.

DEWA's Energy Audit
Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA)

DEWA conduct free of charge walk-through energy audits for its non-residential customers in line with DEWA’s strategy and social responsibility, to promote efficient conservation technologies and behaviour. Cumulative savings achieved from 2011 – 2018 are 203 GWh and 460 MIG, which correspond to 108 MAED, 98,000 Ton of CO2.

System approach to energy decarbonisation in industrial sectors - closed-loop Mycoprotein manufacturing
Imperial College London, Department of Chemical Engineering

This project developed a systems approach enabling disruptive technologies through synergic integration of flexible energy-sources with zero-waste food manufacturing. In collaboration with Quorn Foods, an energy-decarbonised Mycoprotein manufacturing system design was achieved to offer sustainable protein solutions. This project has potential to catalyse energy decarbonisation in food industrial sectors.

Flare Gas Recovery System (FGRS)
Saudi Aramco

Gas flaring has negative environmental and economic impacts, but it is indispensable for safety reasons. However, Saudi Aramco’s innovative FGRS is a revolutionary system that eliminates flaring completely by utilising the plants’ existing infrastructure instead of new compression units. It protects the environment and saves useful natural resources.

Viking Cold Solutions Provides 1.3 MW of Thermal Energy Storage in Industrial Cold Storage Facilities as Part of a Massachusetts Utility Demand Management Program
Viking Cold Solutions

Viking Cold Solutions is the leading thermal energy storage provider to the energy-intensive frozen/low-temperature cold storage industry. Incentivised by energy utilities across the U.S and in use around the world, the company delivers cost-effective and flexible thermal energy management solutions which preserve food, save energy and help reduce environmental impact.

Reducing Desalinated Water import and Effluent Generation by 50%;   Conserving 109 Million Gallons of DW Annually for Healthy Environment Innovatively
Yanbu Refinery of Saudi Aramco

YRD, SA reduced 30% desalinated water consumption and supported local industry development, and conserved resources for future generations, promoting innovations and spread awareness through campaigns targeting the public, employees and families for a healthy environment. Won several awards including MEOS “Technology & Innovation” award and Energy + Environmental 100 Leader 2019.

Health and Safety

Hydrocarbon Release Prevention VR Simulator
CNOOC International

The VR was designed to increase awareness of the catastrophic impact that can result from a hydrocarbon release. By walking through scenarios inspired by real life events, lessons learned are reinforced which can ultimately save lives and prevent major accidents. This pioneering technology delivers the experience in a way that is accessible, cost-effective, and memorable.

Leadership Engagement Assessment Process (Peer-to-peer)
Saudi Aramco

We designed a complete and comprehensive methodology to capture employee and leader feedback on engagement in HSE and are able to sustainably quantify the results using this process. We have established baseline scores at many of our facilities and use this process to measure continuous improvement.

Power Systems Safety Transformation
Saudi Aramco

Instil a culture of health and safety performance through multi-layered program starting with governance (building a foundation of standards, procedures and polices), moving into compliance
(providing the tools and resources to run a system of checks and balances) and graduating into a highly effective performing team with safety at its core.

Major Accident Hazards – Own Your Barrier
Step Change in Safety

Step Change in Safety’s Major Accident Hazards Understanding (MAHs) workgroup has created a series of engagement packs containing short animated films and presentations. These aim to educate the oil and gas workforce, whatever their job role, helping them understand that everyone has a part to play in managing MAHs.

CHIRP Maritime
The CHIRP Charitable Trust

The fundamental objective is to encourage confidential hazardous incident reporting to the global maritime community so that safety lessons can be learned and disseminated. We endeavour to encompass every aspect of maritime/offshore seamanship where safety has a critical role. This includes leisure boating; fishing industry; commercial maritime; offshore energy industry; military and port operations interface.

Award sponsor:

Innovative Technology

NVP Energy’s Wastewater to Energy Factory solution
NVP Energy

NVP Energy has developed the first-to-market Anaerobic Digestion (AD) wastewater treatment (WWT) technology that cleans wastewater at low temperatures and at lower costs than other WWT technologies. It will displace incumbent energy-intensive installations to become the most sustainable, energy-positive WWT for the global Food & Drink and Municipal wastewater markets.

Perform safe radiography near nucleonic control instrumentation and avoid plant shutdowns with the (TAXI)™ system

An unacceptable number of loss of pressure containment (LOPC) incidents are due to corrosion failures in piping, typically from corrosion under insulation (CUI). Radiation, the most effective form of NDT for detecting corrosion, typically upsets nucleonic level control instrumentation on pressure vessels, causing ‘trips’ resulting in costly plant shutdowns and increased process safety risks. TAXI provides a safe alternative. Our equipment doesn’t require plant isolation, avoids process control blind spots, maximises plant uptime and most significantly, eliminates any risk from trips.

Octopus Agile: a consumer-led shift to a low carbon future
Octopus Energy

Octopus Agile, world-first half-hourly time-of-use tariff, demonstrates a unique consumer-led transition to a smart grid. Powerful real-time data and AI alert when energy’s greenest and cheapest. Results: Engaged consumers reduced emissions equivalent of 54 kg CO2 per year per user, and typical families save £210 yearly vs Big 6 SVTs.

Viking Cold Solutions Utilizes Thermal Energy Storage to Optimize Energy Use in Refrigeration and Cold Storage Industries
Viking Cold Solutions

Viking Cold Solutions is the leading thermal energy storage provider to the energy-intensive frozen/low-temperature cold storage industry. Incentivized by energy utilities across the U.S and in use around the world, the company delivers cost-effective and flexible thermal energy management solutions which preserve food, save energy and help reduce environmental impact.

Kiveev Energy Risk Management

Kiveev is an energy trading and risk management platform using bespoke A.I. based risk models that deliver price predictions with a directional accuracy of up to 68.48% to enable proven savings of over 10% per year.

Award sponsor:

Public Engagement

Dewa Energy-Conservation Public Engagement Project
Dubai Electricity & Water Authority - Dewa

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority has actively encouraged everyone in Dubai to save electricity and water in a range of initiatives. Over the last 10 years, these resulting in savings of 2 Terawatt hours (TWh), 7.4 billion gallons, and 1 billion tonnes of CO2: worth AED 1.2 billion.

Public engagement of off-grid communities (with over 20,000 beneficiaries) living in remote, underdeveloped and underserved areas, for harnessing renewable energy resources and efficient utilization of solar and hydro energy projects completed under Hydro and Renewable Energy Program (HRE). 
Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) invested in community managed solar micro-grid systems and micro hydro power projects in remote, off-grid areas of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Province of Pakistan. The aim of the project is to engage off-grid communities (with a population of over 20,000) in harnessing renewable energy resources and efficiently utilising solar and micro hydro power projects completed under Hydro and Renewable Energy (HRE) Program.

Project Daffodil
The Royal Mint

The main aim was to install renewable energy to reduce the carbon footprint to our business. Our project included engagement by the nature of our landmark, where we do not believe there is a wind turbine that is fully coloured anywhere. An icon designed where it mimics a daffodil - being the well known Welsh Emblem. In it's first few months we have had over 400,000kWh of generation but mostly we have what I believe is a smile from every person that views the giant daffodil each day.

Use of Persuasive Technology to Induce Pro-Environmental Behaviour in Medway NHS Foundation Trust
University of Greenwich

The aim is to achieve a 5-10% reduction in Medway hospital's electricity usage by deploying a Human Computer Interaction based socio-technical system to encourage staff engagement and improve pro-environmental behaviour. The project's long-term aim is sustaining a pro-environmental behaviour alongside contributing towards the carbon reduction targets set by the government.

Balance of Power
USEF Foundation

Promoting a better understanding of the future energy system, Balance of Power is an interactive film, playing out the consequences of 25 key decisions for our future market design. This 'serious game' starts the necessary dialogue at many levels. It is free and has been viewed by around 5000 people.

Award sponsor:

Young Energy Professional of the Year

Maria McKavanagh, MD, Verv

Her passion to tackle the climate crisis and other challenges faced in the energy industry is second to none and this is brought to life in the talks she is asked to do at events all over the world which never fail to captivate and invigorate audiences from all different walks of life.

Kuhanesapathy Thavaras Pathy AMEI, Senior Wells Engineer, Petronas

A young change-maker with a balanced contribution in technical, operational, management and social entrepreneurship aspects. While winning the Top 10 Most Innovative Young Leaders Award in Malaysia, the nominee had inspired many young professionals within the organisation and nation to explore beyond limits.

Eleni Pittalis, Managing Editor, EMEA Middle Distillates, S&P Global Platts

Eleni’s diligence to IMO 2020 has enabled the implementation of the European 0.5% marine fuel benchmark, during the most important change in the history of the shipping industry. Her resourcefulness has eliminated vast clouds of uncertainty about the types of marine fuels that will be available, their location and the possible pricing mechanisms going forward.

Shantell Richards, Energy Engineer, United Utilities

Shantell Richards is an Energy Engineer within United Utilities.  Over the last three years Shantell has undertaken the following:

*Led the development and integration of a biomethane to grid facility into our largest bioresources centre;
*Led the first UK green gas certificate trading in Europe working extensively with regulators and non-government organisations; and
*Been pivotal in piloting and embedding the energy engineering position within United Utilities.  In this engineering position she leads the management of an energy cost of circa £15m per year and generation of £9m per year.

Abdulaziz Qasim, Petroleum Engineer, Saudi Aramco, EXPEC ARC

Abdulaziz is leading the monitoring and surveillance program of CO2-EOR pilot in Saudi Aramco; the Kingdom’s first and one of the largest of its kind in the Middle East.  He was a key member of Khurais increment subsurface development team, one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Award sponsor:

Awards host: Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE,
Head Stemette and Co-Founder of Stemettes

Computer scientist and mathematician Anne-Marie Imafidon works to inspire women to study and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths. She also comments on technology, the changing nature of work, and the challenges both present to business and society.

A child prodigy, aged 11 Anne-Marie passed her first two GCSEs and at 13 she was the recipient of a scholarship to the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. She then went to Oxford, starting her master’s in mathematics and computer science at 17 and becoming one of the university’s youngest ever master’s graduates.

Anne-Marie worked for Goldman Sachs, Hewlett-Packard, and Deutsche Bank in business analysis, enterprise collaboration and technology (and was cited as one of the leading figures in IT along the way). She then founded, and continues to lead, Stemettes, a social enterprise dedicated to bringing girls and young women to STEM subjects. Stemettes has helped tens of thousands of schoolgirls go on to higher levels of study in STEM.

A regular commentator in the media on opening up and diversifying access to STEM education, Anne-Marie is also the co-founder of Outbox, a pioneering incubator dedicated to businesses started by teenage girls. Elsewhere, Anne-Marie has also worked with companies including the BBC and 20th Century Fox to include more tech role models on screen, and has served as a board member on the Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s Digital Skills Partnership.

Showcasing excellence in energy

The EI Awards have been running for 20 years, designed to celebrate and showcase the vast accomplishments in the energy sector, an industry vital to society. Winning an EI Award provides a prime opportunity to have your achievements officially recognised by a senior panel of energy experts and the wider industry.

The winners will be revealed at the EI Awards gala dinner and ceremony, which will take place on 7 November at the Sheraton Grand, Park Lane, London. The awards ceremony is the perfect opportunity to entertain your most important clients and make new industry connections, in an exciting evening of celebration, entertainment, and fine-dining.

Please note that contact details of those submitting entries will be passed on to the awards judges for the purpose of confirming finalists. This is in line with our privacy policy.

View last year's winners

EI Awards media partners

Media Partners
Soc Env

EI Awards categories

This award is aimed at both energy companies that have instigated projects for the benefit of communities amongst which they work and communities undertaking their own initiatives, to tackle energy issues or draw help and advice from energy companies.

The judging panel will be looking for:

  • Identification of the need and value of the project to the community
  • Proven benefit of the project to the community it serves
  • Scope for sustaining benefits in the longer term or extending the project

Successful projects will be able to prove a unique and unprecedented energy-related benefit for a community. The project or initiative should be of a ground-breaking nature and go above and beyond a standard CSR activity. You must be able to validate the success of your project with proven results.

For this category, the judging panel are looking for the industry's champion, those are individuals who fit the following criteria:

  • Commitment to fostering professionalism in their own work and among colleagues
  • Promoting knowledge, improving skills or developing and applying good practice in their work place or the broader energy industry
  • Commitment to raising industry standards, enhancing its image and championing the contribution the energy industry makes to society
  • Commitment to the industry and its future
  • Championing the industry among the younger generation

Entrants should provide evidence of how their work and achievements meet as many of these criteria as possible.

Effective energy management is crucial to ensure the efficient use of energy in a domestic, commercial or industrial setting, and investments in energy management produces a wide range of benefits, including reducing your organisation’s costs and cutting greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to improving energy security.

This award recognises individuals or organisations that have effectively deployed practices to improve their energy efficiency performance through the design and implementation of materials, systems, software and supply chains; and / or which have been able to reduce their carbon emissions and energy waste. Entries from commercial organisations are welcome, in addition to local authority, healthcare and housing trust’s entries.

For the Energy Management Award, the judging panel will be looking for:

  • Clearly defined strategy for reducing energy use and measuring performance
  • Realisation of reduction targets and a demonstrable benefit to business operations
  • Management commitment
  • Employee engagement

You must be able to validate the success of your project with proven results.

It is increasingly important for the energy industry to reduce its impact on the environment and give back to the planet. For this award the judges are looking for schemes and projects that enhance the environment or offset carbon emissions. Entrants should demonstrate a responsible and ethical commitment to managing the risks of energy to the environment and reducing the carbon footprint of the industry.

The judging panel will be looking for:

  • Demonstrable benefit to the environment
  • Management commitment
  • Good prospects for wider application

You must be able to validate the success of your project with proven results.

The energy industry could not operate without proper regard to health and safety and standards for safe practice are robust and subject to continuous review and refinement.

For this award the judges are looking for projects which have demonstrated best practice in safety as well as in areas such as occupational health, mental health, performance, productivity, hygiene and resilience through change. We are looking to acknowledge teams, individuals and projects that take a unique approach to health and safety and demonstrate the potential to have an impact on the industry's overall health and safety record.

The judging panel will be looking for:

  • Health and safety initiatives or innovations with potential for industry-wide benefit
  • Management commitment
  • Effective communication and implementation
  • Demonstrable difference from before to after application

You must be able to validate the success of your project with proven results.

Technology in all its forms is an exciting area of the energy industry, a frontier where new and better solutions are constantly being devised. This award will recognise the year’s best new innovative technological development or implementation of an existing technology with the power to become a gamechanger/disrupter in the industry.

The judging panel will be looking for:

  • Identification of the technological innovation which represents a major advance or development
  • Commercially viable technology that is ready for market and for wider adoption and application
  • Inventive new technology or innovative implementation of existing technology
  • Clear demonstration of the benefits of the innovation over existing methods

You must be able to validate the success of your project with proven results.

Effective public engagement is very often the key determinant of the success or failure of any initiative. This award will recognise the year’s best group or individual contribution to raising public awareness across the energy industry, covering internal and external communications with such stakeholders as customers, regulators, employees, shareholders etc.

The award recognises innovative campaigning techniques in the form of social media, reports, journalism, digital campaigns etc., that have contributed to improved understanding and knowledge of industry-wide energy issues.

The judging panel will be looking for:

  • Identification of the issue(s) to be communicated, and the need for the initiative
  • Clarity of planned aims and objectives
  • Deliverability of the initiative
  • Effectiveness of the public engagement programme

You must be able to validate the success of your project with proven results.

The EI's Young Professionals Network is delighted to welcome entries for the sixth EI Young Energy Professional of the Year award. Young professionals are the next generation of energy leaders and we want to celebrate your contribution to the industry and reward your innovation, drive to deliver and passion of the younger generation of energy talent. Applications from those with less than five years in the industry are welcome.

The judging panel will be looking for:

  • Career Experience statement:
    In 250-500 words, describe a project from your career, either in your professional career or through working with the local community, where you have either led the activity (as a project manager) or made a significant contribution towards its delivery (as a key team member)
  • Industry Outlook statement:
    In 250-500 words, please share your views on the outlook for the energy industry by answering the following question:
    "What is the single biggest challenge facing the energy industry in the next 20 years?"
    The judging panel will be looking for you to demonstrate your views and feelings about an industry issue, including how you would like to see them addressed and how your future work might contribute towards finding a solution for this challenge.
  • CV
  • Endorsement:
    Please provide a written endorsement of up to 200 words from your employer, client or supervisor. This should include their signature and contact details for verification purposes.

EI Awards judging panel

Entries for the EI Awards are peer-reviewed by an independent panel of respected industry experts.


Chair of the EI Awards judging panel

Stephen Burgin FEI, Director, Offshore Wind Growth Partnership

Steve, an engineer, has worked in the world of energy for over 30 years and has held a number of executive and high level management roles in major international engineering companies. Most recently, Steve led the commercial activities of GE Power in Europe, supplying power plants and transmission systems, and was previously the UK Country President for the Alstom Group supplying projects and equipment for electricity generation, transmission and distribution, and rail transportation.

Angela Terry, Founder and CEO, The Climate Alliance

Community Initiative

Angela Terry MEI, CEO, One Home

Angela Terry is an Environmental scientist with over 20 years' experience in developing renewable energy projects including wind farms, solar and hydro schemes. She is a pioneer of community renewables in the UK, raising over £15 million for community-owned, clean energy projects including the first wind farm in the SE of England Westmill.


Energy Champion

Dr Joanne Wade OBE FEI, Deputy Director, The Association for Decentralised Energy

Dr Joanne Wade is a sustainable energy expert with 30 years’ experience in energy efficiency and community energy. She is the Deputy Director of the Association of Decentralised Energy (ADE), a Trustee of the Energy Institute (EI) and Chair of the EI’s Energy Advisory Panel. Her work is currently focused on buildings energy efficiency policy and practice.


Energy Management

James Brittain CEng MEI Chartered Energy Manager, Founding Director and Consultant, The Discovery Mill

James Brittain is an energy, sustainability and behaviour change specialist with over 20 years’ experience of delivering energy savings and performance improvements for many organisations. He understands that biggest savings often come about through combining technical and people solutions across both operational and development teams.

Michelle Horsfield


Michelle Horsfield CEnv MEI, Environmental Consultant

Michelle is an Environmental Scientist by background with 20 years experience managing environmental issues in the energy sector. She is respected for her pragmatic approach and previously chaired the EI’s Upstream Environmental Group. Michelle worked in corporate strategy at BP, where her passion for addressing climate change whilst delivering energy was a key focus. Her background in sustainable development ties in with fostering a complete understanding of the environmental trade-offs made at each stage of the energy production cycle. She is a Chartered Environmentalist and a Member of EI.

Ashley Hynds, Principal Specialist Inspector - Process Safety - Energy Division – Offshore, HSE

Health and Safety

Ashley Hynds, HM Principal Inspector of Health and Safety – Offshore Process Engineering, Health & Safety Executive

Ashley is a chemical engineer by training, and worked in process plant design and operations for ICI and INEOS for 18 years. He is currently Principal Inspector of Process Engineering for the UK offshore oil and gas sector, within the Health & Safety Executive. A key focus of his role is ensuring that operators have effective systems in place to prevent major losses of hydrocarbon containment, such as occurred at Piper Alpha. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, and a registered Professional Process Safety Engineer.


Innovative Technology

Professor John Loughhead OBE CB, Chief Scientific Adviser, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

John’s professional career has been predominantly in industrial research and development for the electronics and electrical power industries, including advanced, high power industrial gas turbines, new energy conversion systems, spacecraft thermal management, electrical and materials development for electricity generation and transmission equipment, and electronic control systems. He has extensive international experience in both industry and academia.

John Moylan

Public Engagement

John Moylan, Director, Stonehaven and former BBC Industry & Employment Correspondent

John Moylan led the BBC’s coverage of energy, reporting for national TV & Radio News Bulletins from nuclear power plants, wind farms, fracking sites and from offshore in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. As the BBC’s Industry & Employment Correspondent, he also covered major stories including the steel industry crisis, the VW diesel scandal, industrial relations and the gig economy. John’s 20 year BBC career spanned “Tomorrow’s World”, the dot com boom, the financial crisis and a spell in Brussels as Europe Business Reporter covering the EU institutions and WTO trade talks. John is now a director with the strategy and reputation consultancy Stonehaven.


Young Energy Professional of the Year

Cheryl Hiles FEI, Sector Director of Energy and Environment, Pell Frischmann Consultants

Cheryl’s specialities include transitioning to a smart, sustainable energy system; energy strategy, social enterprise, business development, business planning, sustainable energy policy, advocacy, spatial planning, government liaison, change management, team management & building. Cheryl chairs the Entrepreneurial Women in Renewable Energy network, established by Regen to support the renewable energy sector to harness talent from across the sector.

Sponsorship opportunities

Recognising achievement, sustainability and innovation

For 20 years the EI Awards celebrated the most outstanding people, products and initiatives from across the global energy sector. The awards attract entries from businesses which make the industry safer, cleaner and more sustainable, and which champion new initiatives in energy to make a real difference to society. The EI Awards is recognised as the energy industry’s most important competition. Showcasing the most ground-breaking work in the energy sector. It provides a platform for the industry to celebrate those businesses and individuals who innovate, communicate and drive up the standards of professionalism within the sector. Aligning your company and brand with this prestigious competition will allow you to share your core values with the industry and to gain recognition for your excellence and leadership. For more information please contact

What do our sponsors say?

“Shell’s ambition in its sponsorship of [the Safety] Award is to trigger continuous improvement for our industry. We want to encourage unrelenting commitment, unhindered sharing of good practice and deep cross-industry learning to make sure that we travel the road to safety excellence together and that we all return home safely to our loved ones.”

Robin Bryden, Group Behavioural HSSE Manager, Shell

Advertising, Branding and Marketing

* Benefit from a marketing campaign including online, email and print
* Target the Energy Institute's 20,000 individual members and 200 company members
* Increase your outbound reach to an extra 15,000 energy professionals, the EI's wider energy network
* Demonstrate your support for the industry and its people
* Position your company among exclusive premier industry names, present and past sponsors

EI Awards judging process

* Participate in the EI Awards judging process and help select the winners
* 2 judging panels: Preliminary judging and final panel
* Demonstrate leadership and network with the other judges who form the exclusive panel

EI Awards ceremony

* Network with senior decision makers from the energy industry, government and academia
* Invitation for 2 or 3 key influencers as VIP Guests
* Present your Award category winner with their trophy