Economics of Oil & Gas Industry - Nigeria - March 2021

Training Course
  • International Conference Center<br />Abuja, Nigeria
  • 29-03-2021
  • 09:00 - 18:00
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This 2-day course introduces the economics that drive the oil and gas industry. Participants in this course will learn about the oil and gas value chain and will consider the costs, revenues and risk associated with various stages in the chain. Basic economic principles such as Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Returns will be introduced and illustrated with examples from the oil and gas industry.


Who Should Attend this Course?

  •       Those seeking a broader knowledge of the oil, gas and energy industry and markets
  •       New recruits to oil, gas and energy companies 
  •       Analysts, planners, traders, sales, marketing, engineering, refining, communications, public relations and commercial personnel 
  •       Those requiring an understanding of the oil, gas and energy value chain 
  •       Financial and legal professionals 
  •       Ministerial, governmental, industry bodies and development agency staff 
  •       Consultants providing services to oil, gas and energy organizations

Course Overview

  •       Overview of Oil and Gas Value Chain

- Introduction to the Oil Value Chain
- Introduction to the Gas Value Chain
- Capital and Operating Costs
- Major Projects 
- Commodity Financing/Project Financing

  •        Project Economics- NPV’s, IRRs and others

- Introduction to economic terms- NPV, IRR, DCF etc
- Introduction to cash flows
- Project examples

  •        Economics of Exploration and Production

- Typical Project Costs
- Risks and Rewards
- Typical Contracts and Fiscal Terms- Concessions, PSA’s, Service contracts and more
- Reserves and Reserves Certification

  •        Pricing of Oil and Natural Gas

- Influences on world oil price
- Marker crude oils
- Crude oil characteristics and quality differentials
- Crude oil trading (overview)

  •        Refinery Economics

- Introduction to Refining
- Refining margins and GPW
- Typical Project Costs- review of CAPEX and OPEX for refineries
- Risks and Rewards

  •        The Economics of Gas Monetisation

- The Economics of Gas Monetisation
- Introduction to Gas Monetisation – Pipelines, LNG, Petrochemicals and GTL
- Typical Project Costs – review of CAPEX and OPEX for gas monetisation projects
- Risks and Rewards

  •        Valuation of Oil and Gas Assets

- Valuation methods for oil and gas assets
- Mergers and Acquisitions in the oil and gas industry


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