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Megatrends and the Energy Transition - Malcolm Brinded Hong Kong Speech Sep 2018


Energy is key to global megatrends, EI President tells Hong Kong conference.

Population growth, mass urbanisation and climate change can all be positively impacted by innovation in the energy system – this was the message EI President Malcolm Brinded CBE FREng FEI delivered as he opened the 6th International Conference in Hong Kong, organised jointly by the Energy Institute Hong Kong and the School of Energy & Environment at the City University of Hong Kong.

At the conference, which focussed on ‘meeting the challenges of energy transition through multi-disciplinary collaboration’, Malcolm’s keynote address analysed the transformative nature of the three global megatrends, their significant to the global energy system and the role that energy can play in tackling the problems associated with them.

Malcolm examined the interconnected nature of the megatrends, saying, ‘The pace of this growth in population and urbanisation creates a huge need for more energy and more transport – which exacerbates the pressing challenges of climate change and air pollution.’

‘Yet we cannot just press pause; he said, ‘as there are still billions of people without meaningful access to energy - and billions more for whom urban transport today means misery, and their health and lives put at risk.’

But his conclusion was positive – ‘I am an optimist – and believe that humankind has the capability to resolve them. With technological disruption in our energy and transport systems at the heart of those solutions, we can build a world in which everyone, irrespective of where they live, has access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.’

Drawing on over four decades in the energy sector, Malcolm outlined how these megatrends have shaped the world in his lifetime, since he started as a graduate engineer for Shell in Brunei in 1975. And his address focused heavily on the significance of Asia – both in terms of growing energy demand and the staggering pace of technological innovation now being pursued there.

Malcolm's speech and slide pack can be viewed here.