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Energy efficiency measures can reduce an average household bill by £270 per year

Energy provides a host of useful services, but some methods of delivering those services use more energy than others. This measure of useful output for each unit of energy input is termed energy efficiency, and efforts to systematically improve efficiency are termed energy management. Improved efficiency can lower energy costs, and is consistently identified as one of the lowest-cost ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

You can explore various aspects of efficiency in this section, including a Lighting Guide, and the latest news and articles.
You can find resources on the UK's Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) and associated ESOS Lead Assessor registers.
You can also contact energy efficiency professionals via the Register of Professional Energy Consultants if you have a question about improving your company’s energy efficiency.

What's new?

New York continues to move on energy efficiency, storage and solar power

New York State is introducing aggressive development plans despite federal government indifference to climate change. Late last year, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the state’s Public Service Commission had approved two initiatives that will increase New York’s energy efficiency ...

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Energy efficiency key to global emissions reduction – IEA

If the right energy efficiency policies were enacted globally this could on its own see greenhouse gas emissions peak in the next few years and then drop – even if the global economy doubled by 2040.This is the headline finding of the International Energy Agency’s (IEA’s) latest analysis on energy e...

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Strategies for energy efficiency

Pivotal to the success of any manufacturing operation is efficiency, says Nick Boughton, who explains the importance of managing energy efficiency in a variety of sectors, including data centres, pump centres and manufacturing plants.

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US states continue to ramp up energy efficiency investments

Certain US states are continuing to push forward energy efficiency measures and improve the carbon intensity of their building and transport sectors – despite federal rollbacks on clean vehicle and other major energy-saving standards, according to a new report from the American Council for Energy-Ef...

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London's Mayor launches £500mn business energy efficiency fund

The Mayor of London has launched a new £500mn fund to boost energy efficiency in public buildings and small businesses across the city – a move he hopes will accelerate the capital’s ambition to become ‘a zero-carbon city’ by 2050. The Mayor’s Energy Efficiency Fund (MEEF), announced by the Mayor of...

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Events and training

Future-proofing your Career: Role of IOCs in the Energy Transition

The industry is in a state of flux. So what role can oil and gas play in the future of energy supply in a wider energy mix, and in developing the careers of young energy professionals?

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L1: Certificate in Energy Management Essentials - March 2019

About: This introductory 5 day classroom course provides a comprehensive, practical overview of the fundamentals of energy management, equipping participants with all the essential knowledge and skills they need to save energy, reduce operational costs and carbon emissions, comply with legislat...

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ESOS Phase 2 Update

The event will provide an update on ESOS; to include a review of Phase 1, the financial and environmental value and benefits. There will also be an overview of the requirements in order to comply with Phase 2, followed by a Q&A session.

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UK MoD Aviation Fuels Committee Meeting

Receive essential guidance and updates on aviation fuel specifications, including those for aviation turbine fuel, Def Stan 91-091 and aviation gasoline, Def Stan 91-090.

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Technical guidance publications

Financial investment in energy efficiency

Taken from Croner's Energy Management loose-leaf manual, this 30-page module identifies a number of accountancy techniques to help energy managers quantify potential savings by investing in energy efficiency. It outlines the basic principals of investment appraisal, explains the barriers to investin...

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Refurbishment for Improved Energy Efficiency: An Overview (CIBSE Knowledge Series)

Aims to provide a concise overview of building services refurbishment with a focus on improving energy efficiency. This is a joint CIBSE and BSRIA publication that will provide guidance to building services engineers who are tasked with upgrading existing services. It will help building occupiers an...

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CIBSE Guide F: Energy efficiency in buildings

Seeks to inform a very diverse audience and aims to be pertinent to many groups involved in buildings besides building services engineers, including building developers/financiers, specifiers, architects, surveyors, letting agents, energy managers and consultants and building owners/operators. Guide...

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