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Renewable power accounts for nearly 8% of global electricity generation

Renewable energy is derived from resources that are not exhaustible, and its overall production and use usually generates minimal greenhouse gases. In light of the current greenhouse gas-driven warming of the climate and the associated impacts and risks, a global transition to low carbon energy is underway with renewable energy at the forefront. You can find further information below about the technologies, costs and current developments within each of the seven major types of renewables:

You can find a list of the latest news and articles in the section below.

What's new?

Universities share funding for research into distributed renewables

ReNU researchers will work on technology to charge the growing number of small devices.The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council has awarded £5.2mn to Northumbria, Newcastle and Durham Universities to open a new national Centre for Doctoral Training in renewable energies. Industry partn...

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California – 100% renewable power by 2045?

California tends to lead the way among US states, so its adoption of a plan to transform its power industry to all renewables by 2045 is important. Here, S&P Global Ratings’ Michael Ferguson analyses the state’s chances of success. 

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Subsidies still needed despite falling renewables costs?

Will subsidies disappear as Europe's renewable energy sector matures? The answer isn't clear cut, writes Liz Newmark in Brussels. 

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EY deems China ‘most attractive’ country for renewable investments

China and the US remain the most attractive countries, but less-developed markets are catching up. China has retained the top spot in EY’s latest Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI), which ranks 40 nations on the appeal of their renewable energy investment and deployment oppor...

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Power market mechanisms will need to adapt to renewables growth

Electricity generated from renewable sources may far exceed demand in future summers, despite the expected growth in electricity needed to charge electric vehicles and for space heating, leading to power prices crashing in the warmer months. So suggests new analysis from Aurora Energy Res...

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Events and training

Future-proofing your Career: Role of IOCs in the Energy Transition

The industry is in a state of flux. So what role can oil and gas play in the future of energy supply in a wider energy mix, and in developing the careers of young energy professionals?

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“Re-energising Wales” – Plan for Wales to move to 100% renewable energy

“Re-energising Wales” is creating a practical plan for Wales to move to 100% renewable energy by 2035. The plan brings together leading thinkers from industry, academia, government and local communities to find and address the barriers that are slowing down renewable energy developments ...

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L1: Certificate in Energy Management Essentials - March 2019

About: This introductory 5 day classroom course provides a comprehensive, practical overview of the fundamentals of energy management, equipping participants with all the essential knowledge and skills they need to save energy, reduce operational costs and carbon emissions, comply with legislat...

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Panel Discussion: Decarbonising the Power Sector

The Essex and East Anglia YPN would like to invite you to their following joint event with the University of East Anglia's Engineering society.

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Zero Carbon in the Antarctic

The Challenges on Energy in the Antarctic are manifold but the Princess Elisabeth Research Station is attempting to do that with zero environmental impact.

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Technical guidance publications

G+ Safe by Design workshop report: WTG access and egress

This publication is available to download for free for registered users.The latest G+ Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Organisation (G+) Safe by Design workshop focused on the issues associated with access and egress throughout a WTG and substructure (transfer from vessel/helicopter was not in...

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G+ 2017 incident data report

Free to download for registered users. For more information on the G+ visit www.gplusoffshorewind.comThe G+ is committed to providing the industry with information that will improve health and safety performance. Since the formation of the G+, members have been providing HSE information and statisti...

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Offshore wind leaders event report: Aims, action and industry commitment

Free to download for registered users. For more information on the G+ visit www.gplusoffshorewind.comThe G+ Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Organisation together with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) hosted a review workshop at the HSE headquarters at Redgrave Court in Bootle on 26 ...

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G+ Safe by design workshop report: WTG access to the transition piece (below airtight deck)

Free to download for registered users. For more information on the G+ visit www.gplusoffshorewind.comThis report presents the findings from the latest G+ Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Organisation (G+) Safe by Design workshop, which focused on the issues associated with access below th...

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Fuels for gas turbine engines

Published by Landfall Press; Author: Eric Goodger. Please note that an erratum was issued in December 2018 for this publication, it is available for download and present in the full PDF. This change has been incorporated into the full PDF.Since its emergence during WW2 as a viable alternative t...

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