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Deployment of battery storage could add as much as 9GWh to the UK's grid system over the next five years

Energy storage allows for flexibility in the timing of when energy is supplied and when it is used. Storage of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels has been commonplace for centuries, and with the increasing use of electricity from variable renewable sources, electricity storage is becoming an integral element in achieving a smart, flexible, resilient energy network. Strategic placement of storage also gives the potential to avoid otherwise necessary network upgrades.

Join us for a one-day conference on energy storage at the International Festival of Business in Liverpool in June 2018 and learn about the recent technologies in this area.
Read our Energy World articles on how energy storage fits into strategies for carbon reduction
Learn about recent public funding for research and development of energy storage on our policy milestone website.

What's new?

World Bank commits $1bn to battery storage

The World Bank Group (WBG) has committed $1bn for a ‘game-changing’ new global programme to accelerate investments in battery storage for energy systems in developing and middle-income c...

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Gas engine in Budapest upgraded with energy storage

The Finnish engine manufacturer Wärtsilä has completed what it has described as its first engine and energy storage hybrid installation worldwide in Budapest, Hungary.The project, which the ...

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Consider on-site generation and storage alongside energy management

Centrica Business Solutions advocates a decentralised approach for businesses, marrying energy management with on-site generation and energy storage – where viable. Energy World’s Nicola...

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Energy storage – Uncertain times

Europe’s tank terminal sector retains its lustre despite some tricky global trends. Peter Mackay reports on how the Port of Rotterdam is leading the way.

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Study shows CO2 storage is a ‘secure climate mitigation tool’

New research shows that captured carbon dioxide (CO2) can be stored safely for thousands of years by injecting the liquefied gas deep underground into the microscopic pore spaces of common rocks....

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Technical guidance publications

Design, construction, modification, maintenance and decommissioning of filling stations (known as the Blue Book)

The fourth edition of Design, construction, modification, maintenance and decommissioning of filling stations (also known as the Blue Book) is essential reading for all those involved in the design, c...

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G+ 2017 incident data report

Free to download for registered users. For more information on the G+ visit www.gplusoffshorewind.comThe G+ is committed to providing the industry with information that will improve health and safety ...

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Fuels for gas turbine engines

Published by Landfall Press; Author: Eric Goodger. Since its emergence during WW2 as a viable alternative to the piston engine,the gas turbine engine has enjoyed a period of rapid development, be...

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EI Research report: Investigation into the possible risks arising from the presence and operation of lithium-ion (rechargeable) button cell energised devices in potentially flammable atmospheres associated with transport fuels

Please note that an addendum was issued in September 2018 for this publication, it is available for download and present in both the sample pages and the full PDF.This report was undertaken to assess ...

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Assessing and managing the risk of arc flash

The objective of this publication is to provide a practical approach to the management of arc flash risk within electrical installations. It provides general guidance on the causes of arc flash events...

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Energy storage systems conference

This important event will provide a wide array of technological approaches to managing our power supply in order to create a more resilient energy infrastructure and bring cost savings to utilities and consumers.

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