EI YPN London & Home Counties AGM

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  • London YPN
  • 16-07-2020
  • 18:00 - 19:30
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The EI YPN London & Home Counties Annual General Meeting will be held on 16th July and the window for new committee applications is now open.

Who are we? The London YPN was set up in 2013 and is ran by a collective of 13 young professionals from a wide range of disciplines across the energy sector. All members of the committee help keep our busy events program running with individuals specialising on various key areas. Our diverse and dynamic group meet every month to create, plan and deliver an exciting calendar of events and initiatives to bring London’s Energy young professionals together.

As a committee member you get to sculpt what the YPN provides, host events on topics you are passionate about, build your network amongst established industry figures and deepen your understanding of the broader sector.

We are opening the committee for new applicants and have up to 6 places available. If you are interested please fill out the attached form and send it back to ypnlondonhc@energyinst.org by Tuesday 14th July. Successful applicants will be required to attend the AGM (or submit a video in advance if unable) to be considered for a position through the voting process. Attendance at the AGM is strongly recommended.

We would also like to hear from the wider YPN membership – you! How was our 2019-2020 calendar of events was for you? What you would like to see more of from the YPN in the coming year? At lot changed in 2020 and we will be adapting to the changing needs of our membership base, to do that we would love to hear from you during the AGM.

To apply for a committee position, complete the attached application form and send it to ypnlondonhc@energyinst.org by Tuesday 14th July

AGM process rules

  •                      There are a maximum of 13 committee positions, with 6 Officer Roles: Chair, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, Vice Chair Events, Vice Chair Marketing, Vice Chair Sponsorship
  •                      If you wish to apply for an Officer position you must be nominated by two current or previous committee members, as outlined in the form. Please get in touch if you require assistance with seeking a nomination.
  •                      Elected committee members can stay on the committee for up to two years. After two years, re-election is required.

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