EI LIVE free webinar | Decommissioning In a Nutshell

Branch event
  • Humber
  • 11-08-2020
  • 12:30 - 13:30

Online bookings are now closed. Please contact humber@energyinst.org to book a place.

The Energy Institute and CATCH are pleased to be hosting a technical webinar titled ‘Decommissioning in a nutshell’


When offshore structures, such as oil and gas platforms reach the end of their lifecycles, they need to be removed from service—decommissioned—with minimal risk to cost, schedule, reputation, safety, and the environment.

As the oil and gas industry starts to reach its end of life, decommissioning is only becoming a larger industry on a worldwide scale. There are approximately 170 installations, 10,000 km of pipeline, within the North Sea alone.

Decommissioning now represents just under 10% of the overall expenditure in the UK oil and gas industry, with approximately £1.5 Billion being expended per year. It is also estimated that £15.2 billion will be expended over the decade and £67 billion will be spent globally on decommissioning. 

The webinar will provide a quick, high level, step by step, 1-hour insight into decommissioning within the oil & gas industry.

This webinars agenda is as follows:

  •      Introduction - David Talbot, Chair of the Humber Branch of the Energy Institute and Chief Executive of CATCH
  •      Reuse Options
  •      Project Management / Engineering
  •      Platform Preparation
  •      Well Abandonment
  •      Platform Removal / Transportation
  •      Subsea Decommissioning
  •      Onshore Disposal
  •      Close out / Monitoring
  •      Estimating and Risk Management
  •      Decommissioning Analytics
  •      Q&A

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