EI LIVE free webinar | The Future of Oil & Gas: What role can CCUS play in the future of energy?

Branch event
  • Malaysia
  • 2-12-2020

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9-10pm (Malaysia time)

The oil and gas industry face a particularly challenging set of obstacles—a volatile oil price, a wide talent gap, and an unrelenting image issue that are keys among these obstacles. Will those challenges and obstacles cause the Oil and Gas industry to collapse? Or that is considered just a short-term challenge that will be overcome, and Oil and gas market will improve as a result of prices recovery to 2014 levels if not better.

Current data suggests that only 60% is the maximum recovery factor that has been achieved with Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). Will we see higher recovery factors when it comes to producing oil and gas?

On the other hand, isn’t gas being the cleanest energy currently with the least carbon footprint? With Carbon Capture Technology further development, can oil and gas sector outperform Renewable energy since it is more available and irreplaceable in many industries.


Ms. MennatAllah Labib – PhD student, University of Edinburgh

Dr.Olumide – Associate Professor, University of Regina

Ms. Karen Westley  – Environment Vice President, Shell Malaysia

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