EI LIVE free YPN webinar | The Ten Point Plan: The Hurdles to 40GW

Branch event
  • Essex & East Anglia
  • 4-03-2021
  • 17:30 - 18:30
This event is now closed. Please email rwainwright@energyinst.org to book a last minute place.

The UK Government released their 10 point plan, at the end of 2020, for the UK to begin it’s green industrial revolution. The first point to quadruple the UK’s offshore wind power by 2030 to 40GW. Join leading speakers in the industry to hear about the journey we must embark on and the hurdles that the industry anticipates to face to meet this challenge. With speakers from developers at Vattenfall and the National Grid alongside analysts and experts from 4C Offshore and Opergy. This is not an event to be missed!

Catrin Ellis Jones – Vattenfall

Catrin is the Communications lead for Vattenfall’s Norfolk Vanguard and Boreas Projects which combined will produce 3.6GW of offshore wind energy almost 10% of the Government’s target. She will give insight into the current procedures and challenges faced in taking these projects from conception to production.


Richard Aukland – 4C Offshore

Richard is the Director for 4C Offshore the offshore market intelligence service. He will give insight into the current offshore wind market in the UK and analysis of the future projects.


Graeme Cooper – National Grid

As the Project Director for the East Coast Graeme will talk about the National Grid must develop in coastal regions to enable the offshore windfarms to connect into the transmission network.

Johnathon Reynolds – Opergy

Johnathon is the Managing Director at Opergy and has worked on an extensive range of renewable energy projects. He will discuss the need for a diverse energy mix alongside the offshore wind generation.