Middle East HSE and Sustainability Week

  • Middle East
  • Bahrain<br />Middle East
  • 7-12-2020

COVID-19 Update - Please note that this conference will take place either online or at the venue, depending on whether the government lockdown restrictions have been lifted. The Energy Institute has the technology in place to ensure that an online conference will easily facilitate networking with delegates from all over the world, provide interactive sessions with expert speakers, and include plenty of materials and question and answer sessions.

This week will bring together two conferences, focusing on HSE and sustainability, to deliver essential learning and sharing of international good practice to organisations across the energy industry from 7-9 December 2020. 

Managing HSE in a new world in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and low commodity prices, and whilst tackling the opportunities of digital transformation and a decarbonised energy system

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About the event

This week will bring together two conferences, focusing on HSE and sustainability, to deliver essential learning and sharing of international good practice.  It will help organisations across the energy industry navigate this period of major global upheaval by drawing on the experts and leaders who will shape the international and regional response.  It provides an opportunity to learn from the century long expertise of the Energy Institute in supporting industry collaboration and good practice.

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has created the biggest global crisis in generations, sending shock waves through the energy system, economies and societies around the world.  Restrictions in free movement, travel and transport have contributed to an unprecedented drop in energy demand and commodity prices (e.g. for crude oil) have crashed to historic lows, erasing almost a decade of growth. These two daunting challenges threaten to push our global economy into a historic recession.

HSE within the energy sector has also been severely affected by this crisis, as physical distancing, self-isolation and operating in uncertainty becomes the ‘new normal’, with many organisations transitioning their workforce to operate remotely or at a distance, and delaying capital projects. However, some organisations are embracing opportunities, such as those brought about by digital transformation and decarbonisation, and there are HSE issues associated with their adoption.

The crisis will pass, but we are likely to emerge changed as a global society and as an energy industry. Companies will need resilience to emerge from this downturn and innovative thinking, new efficiency in operations, and continued robust HSE practices will be essential if they are to rebuild and recover.

To help us manage through and recover from the challenges that the pandemic presents we will, across the two days of this conference, focus on bringing insight, good practice and learning and solutions to ensure the energy industry can continue to deliver energy responsibly, safely and securely; prevent harm to employees, contractors and society and develop a more sustainable energy system.  As such, this conference will be delivered in the context of the following themes:

  • Respond: To help companies address the challenges, identify solutions and prioritise actions
  • Rebuild: To support companies with plans and systems in order to take immediate action and share learning and guidance
  • Recover: To embrace innovation; apply tools and techniques; and align government legislation and policy

Who should attend?

This forum will deliver essential learning and sharing of international good practice to improve the safety performance of organisations, help foster a healthy and accident-free work culture that reduces risks, and aid organisations to implement a sustainable environmental and public engagement policy as they navigate the transition to a low carbon economy.

This conference will be of interest to anyone working in:

  • HSE and process safety
  • Operations
  • Risk assessment, compliance and audit
  • Occupational health and wellness
  • Medical prevention and emergency response
  • Environmental protection
  • Control and monitoring

This forum will support sustainable generation and energy use by sharing international good practice. It will bring together academia, industry and regulators to explore common technical challenges and solutions facing the sustainability community in the Middle East and will help organisations, energy generators, users and distributors to reduce their carbon footprint and improve sustainability.

This conference will be of interest to anyone working in:

  • Energy managers/directors/advisers
  • Engineers
  • Sustainability specialists
  • Clean energy specialists
  • Environmental managers/analysts
  • Facilities managers/officers
  • Sustainability managers/directors
  • Head of innovation and technology
  • Energy consultants
  • HSE advisers/managers/officers
  • Corporate responsibility managers
  • Operation managers
  • Procurement specialists
  • Compliance specialists

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